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You Watching Me Googling You

Wednesdays, 7 - 9

Course Description

This class explores the line between surveillance and documentation as well as the line between public and private. We will be focusing on observation as both a medium and a material. The class will look at how the prevalence of reality TV, social media and surveillance effect how we perceive ourselves, and each other. Together we will work on implementing these systems into the creative process through readings, assignments, and an ongoing project based on self-observation.


Jonah Emerson Bell

Jonah Emerson Bell a sculptor and fabricator who lives and works in Brooklyn NY. He was educated at Bard College, Evergreen, and California College of the Arts. Most of his adult life has spent traveling around America and the world. Through his travels and studies he found it important to do things his own way and not to accept a more conventional path. One of the things that attracted Jonah to The BHQFU is the possibility of creating a new system in which to work and learn based not on what came before, but what can be forged from the now for the future.