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Writing About Art From a Non Theory Head Perspective

Every other Monday, 7 – 9 pm.

Course Description

Just as there is no place for generalization in art, so too in art writing. 
This class will use the idea of "personality" as a lens through which to approach recent 
art. The emphasis will be on the concrete - describing a work's effects, and how they 
are achieved. The class will also focus on developing a personal point of view, or style,
in prose. To that end we will consider such basic tools of writing as the expressive use
of adjectives, metaphor - both personal/poetical and literary, how to establish useful
historical references, and the like; we will steer clear of the overly theoretical - both as a
matter of style and of thought. The class will take as a starting point the direct connection
between objectively observed, concrete description and the personal or even idiosyncratic
Readings will include samples from the following (incomplete list, and in no particular
Edmund Wilson
Sanford Schwartz
Daniel Mendelsohn
Renata Adler
Fairfield Porter
Manny Farber
George W. S. Trow