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Trials on an Archipelago: Undisciplined Research in Tierra del Fuego

24 October - 14 November | Wednesday from 7-9pm, Saturdays from 12-2pm at FUG.

Course Description

The Seminar consists of eight meetings, twice weekly:  on Saturdays as part of a public event, and on Wednesdays for private class discussion. The seminar will be embedded in, and serve as an extension of, an Ensayos exhibition running concurrently at the FUG. Discussions, field trips and somatic exercises will delve into the particularities of the disorienting artistic and curatorial methodologies of drifting, finding, losing and rehearsing one's self as valid research strategies.

Ensayos are collective research periods engaged in matters related to the political ecology of Tierra del Fuego motivated by the strong sentiment that despite its remoteness, Tierra del Fuego is a cultural and geographical center from which to speculate and exercise emergent forms of bio-cultural ethics.

Inspired by the particular model for the conservation of biodiversity that WCS Karukinka Natural Park supports and the unique history of Tierra del Fuego since September 2011, Ensayos has focused its investigative efforts on one of the most critical issues for the isles of the region: the control of invasive species. The need to address the complexity of the issue of “invasives” was detected during a foundational residency held at WCS Karukinka Natural Park, on the main island of Tierra del Fuego in February 2011. This preliminary meeting was called Ensayo #1. The treatment of the problem constitutes Ensayo #2.

In 2014, Ensayos began to address two new matters of concern. The first has to do with the human geography of Tierra del Fuego (Ensayo #3) and the second with the stewardship of the coastline (Ensayo #4). These new inquiries are the responsibility of different groups of individual agents who, like the participants of Ensayo #2, share their concerns by exchanging methodologies with each other in a playful practice of expanding the possible.

List of topics and guests include: 
Uselessness with guest speakers Carla Macchiavello (art historian), Christy Gast (artist) and Denise Milstein (sociologist).
Equanimity with guest speakers Christy Gast (artist), Laura Ogden (anthropologist), Derek Corcoran & Giorgia Graells (ecologist & biologist). 
Sorority with guest speakers Fabienne Lasserre (artist), Alfredo Prieto (archeologist), and Carolina Saquel (artist).
Curiosity with Søssa Jorgensen (artist), Randi Nåygard (artist), Bárbara Saavedra (ecologist), Juan Andres Silva (sociologist), Karolin Tampere (curator), Geir Tore Holm (artist), Cecilia Vicuña (artist), amongst others.

Ensayos would like to thank all of the individuals and institutions who have supported "Trials on Archipelago" at the FUG:

Ana María Yaconi,  Elizabeth Povinelli, Gary Lincoff and the New York Mycological Society, Pioneer Works, the Norwegian Arts Council, the Office of Contemporary Art Norway, the Norwegian Consulate General and the Wildlife Conservation Society.


Camila Marambio

Camila Marambio is a private investigator, amateur dancer, permaculture enthusiast, sporadic writer, but first and foremost, a curator. MA in Modern Art: Critical and Curatorial Studies from Columbia University and Master of Experiments in Arts and Politics from Science Po, she currently directs the research program Ensayos—based in Tierra del Fuego—through which artists, scientists, and local inhabitants contemplate and enact movements related to the political ecology of that place.