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Show And Tell, a Sculpture Forum

Wednesdays, 7pm

Course Description

This course will focus on sculpture in an artistic, curatorial and commercial discourse. Visiting critics include a variety of artists, curators, writers, and dealers by vocation.  As a class we will pose the question:Where should, and does, sculpture go?  The semester will be used to formulate an answer in dialogue with visiting guests. In conjunction, each week 2-5 students will be invited to bring their work in for critique, and to discuss their particular aesthetic, ideas, and intents. Field trips will also be available outside class, as decided on by the class. 


First Class: Wednesday September 17th, 7pm


Elizabeth Jaeger

Elizabeth Jaeger is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She is also a co-owner of Peradam, which publishes artist books and editions.