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Last Thursdays of the month, 7pm

Course Description

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Sex­-Ed is centered on the means by which we give and receive pleasure and the ways in which we understand intimacy. This pilot program aims to produce a communication-​based, pleasure-​oriented, and politically engaged course at BHQFU. 
Monthly workshops will explore concepts relating to sexuality and intimacy. In order to activate a productive and radical sexual discourse, part of each session will be spent workshopping communication structures and developing specific protocols for self-expression and desire.
Workshops will be fun, rigorous, safe, and sexy. Each theme will be an attempt to make sense of—in critical terms—sexual relations on a social or cultural scale. While there will be “theory” involved—and some theories more than others—our approaches will be propelled by the ways in which we can translate concepts into questions, and from questions into practices. How can we orient our sex lives around pleasure and intimacy, rather than capitalist structured patterns of gains and losses? How can we undo not just the structures of domination aimed at our own bodies, but also t​hose aimed at repressing the possibilities between bodies? How can we be more deliberate with one another? And more responsible for one another? 
Visiting guests will include artists, public intellectuals, mothers, and whores.
Ideally, through this program, we hope to have a better idea of how students relate to their sexuality in a group setting as well as how to make communication visible in a classroom. By the end of the sessions, we hope to advance a course—and a practice—that gives everyone an opportunity to imagine the kinds of relationships that live up to their desires across all relationships, and across all desires.
Workshops will take place on the last Thursday of the month. 
2/ 26 : RESPONSE & RESPONSIBILITY : Spectrums of Consent : On Power & Play 
3/ 26 : RELATIONSHIP MODELS: What Does 'Openness' Mean? 
4/ 30 : SEX WORK//WORK & SEX//WORK//SEX: Prostitutes, Professionals, & the Body at Work
5/TBD : ORGASMS : Sustaining Release



Ana Cecilia Alvarez & Victoria Campbell

Ana Cecilia Alvarez writes about art, women, and sex. She is the online editor of ADULT and her work has appeared in The New Inquiry, ADULT, VICE, and Dazed, among others. She's studied at Columbia Journalism School and holds a degree in History of Art & Architecture from Brown University. She doesn’t know what she wants, really.

Victoria Campbell is an artist and writer. Since 2012, she has supported herself almost entirely by means of a fake internet presence and spends much of her time wondering what it would take to stage a real sexual revolution. (Her employment and exploitation by several New York City galleries and schools have given her a lot to think about towards this end.) She is currently working on a novel about a young girl's political education in the early 21st century.