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Sex-Ed / Free Clinic

12 September - 24 October | Saturdays, 5-7pm

Course Description


Sex-Ed is oriented towards language, politics, and the communities that desire constructs. We're interested in collaborating with students across a diverse range of fields and disciplines, but we're always especially turned on by those who interlace the personal with a practice, those who might dabble in psychoanalysis, systems theory, labor activism, Universal Basic Income, polyamory, neuropolitics, or deconstruction; those who don't believe in property; those who sense they are undervalued and overeducated and who might not know what their job is.

This is a language-oriented class. All of our communication will be rigorous and intentional. The success of the class depends on students’ sensitivity and fearlessness towards language. Throughout our work together, we'll build a group environment motivated by a sense of radical empathy, emotional rationality, and the politics of language. Our objective is entirely subjective; by building this kind of practice we hope to elaborate upon the positions from which we receive, resent, release, and struggle.

Potential students posses equal parts curiosity and desire. Those interested in applying will be offered the opportunity to activate their own interests and projects within the scope of our goals. Class will meet once a week; attendance is mandatory. You should be interested in unlearning.

Parallel to our research, Sex-Ed will host The Free Clinic, a weekly lecture series on practices interrogating health and healing.


Ana Cecilia Alvarez & Victoria Campbell

Ana Cecilia Alvarez writes about art, women, and sex. She is the online editor of ADULT and her work has appeared in The New Inquiry, ADULT, VICE, and Dazed, among others. She's studied at Columbia Journalism School and holds a degree in History of Art & Architecture from Brown University. She doesn’t know what she wants, really.

Victoria Campbell is an artist and writer. Since 2012, she has supported herself almost entirely by means of a fake internet presence and spends much of her time wondering what it would take to stage a real sexual revolution. (Her employment and exploitation by several New York City galleries and schools have given her a lot to think about towards this end.) She is currently working on a novel about a young girl's political education in the early 21st century.