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Public Lecture Series

Sundays, 4 – 6 pm

Course Description

A lecture series on Sunday afternoons at 4pm focused on education but inevitably tangential. Topics may include but will not be limited to: adderall, administrative bloat, anarchy, community, direct action, governance, history, jokes, money, MOOCs, standardized testing, and transparency.

•September 22 — Tim, Vlad, Takism Commune

•September 29 — Angus Johnston

•October 6 — Andrew Norman Wilson

•October 13 — Jeff Madrick

•October 20 —  TBA

•October 27 — William Powhida and Jen Dalton

•November 3 — Markus Miessen

•November 10 — Andrew Ross

•November 17 — Devin Kenny

•November 24 — TBA

•December 1 —  TBA


Joe Riley, Casey Gollan, Victoria Sobel

Casey Gollan

Twitter: @CaseyG



Joe Riley attended Cooper Union where he studied art, learned that it takes a long time to drill a hole, and even longer to kill us all. In 2012 he became certified as a Master of Yachts 200-ton Offshore Limited, Mate and in 2013 he was a member of an award winning team in a traditional fish soup cook-off in the small Serbian village, Donji Milanovic. His other, other, work is an effort to locate tangible, material experience somewhere near the intersection of history and storytelling. He has biked atop abandoned railroads in California and Oregon, ran a low power FM radio station in New York City, and currently works as a student rabble-rouser and letterpress printer. He contributes to the efforts of Free Cooper Union in the struggle against tuition-based education and also enjoys re-imagining and creating clandestine access to institutions of higher education. He can't remember who first said, "teaching is the non-coercive shifting of another person's desires", but supposes that's the way learning should be.