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Performance Critique (“Is That the End?”)

Every other Friday, 7 PM - 10 PM

Course Description

This is primarily a critique course where students and guests will unpack the performances and experiments that the students deploy. Every participant wishing to present will be assigned a manager/producer. Every class will start with a period of private writing. All participants will then present something from their casual writings or describe something performative they’ve seen since our last session.

Exercises and experiments that have been culled from multiple sources of performance training will be explored by the group (reality TV, media coaching, clown school, Stanislavski, puppetry, Toastmasters International, clowns, weather reporting.) Every 4th meeting the last hour and a half of the course will be opened to the BHQFU community as an open mic.

At the end of every class we will take a thematic group photo.


Joe Kay

Joe Kay lives and works near Fish Bar. Raised in South Carolina or Florida, he graduated with a tuition-free BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art and currently works to promote the merits of debt free education through BHQFU. Acting as archivist, bartender and professor Joe Kay works with the fabric of his community and the mundane objects carried in their pockets.
He has performed in, at, or within; Artists Space, T293 (Naples), Santo’s Party House, LMCC, New Museum, Brucennial 2012, Ray Smith Studio, Alfonso Cuarón's Great Expectations and a commercial for Honeycombs cereal.