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Painting Critique ("Yes, And. . .")

Mondays, 7pm

Course Description

Are your paintings an alienatingtly specific attempt to reconcile some historical paradox about man and his images that you yourself barely understand? Are they inspired by the gruesome details an exotic childhood illness? Do you want to spend three hours talking about three people's painting, and leave even more confused about quality and meaning than you were when arrived?
Come to this class, put your feet in the shit, and go off the rails with us. Slow, dense and intimate, we are going to say "Yes, And. . ."  to just about everything, as we slog through each others' subjectivities and whatever embarrassing, annoying or generally bat-shit ideas we try to hang our subjectivity on. 3 hours - 3 crits. No sidebar conversations! (Probably no special guests).
The class is open to anyone who wants to attend, but those who receive critiques should, you know, come back and critique other people.  
First Class: Monday September 15th, 7pm


Nicole Wittenberg

Nicole Wittenberg is an artist working in New York.