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Object Relations: Reading and Talking Together

Sundays, 3pm

Course Description

"There really is no such thing as art. There are only artists."
                                                — E.H.Gombrich The Story of Art (1950)
        "Let us suppose that the idea of art can be expanded to embrace the whole range of man-made things, including all tools and writing in addition to the useless, beautiful, and poetic things of the world."—George Kubler The Shape of Time (1962)

The art we make and the art we like is connected to the ways we live, the things we read and the adventures we have. However, the nature of these relationships and how they produce art is anything but straightforward—closer to gravitational orbits than direct causal chains.The focus of this class is to think and talk critically about such interconnections via weekly conversations with a visiting artist who assigns a text of their choosing. Participants should be interested in broader interdisciplinary issues of art and culture as discussions will span Kubler's "tools, writing, and the useless, beautiful, poetic things of the world."

This is a seminar and everyone is asked to commit to reading and attending each week of the entire ten-week course. We meet Sunday afternoons October-December. Recordings of last term's "Object Lessons" are available free online for interested students, which will give you a sense of what to expect "( and (

Our introductory meeting will be on September 14th where readings and schedule will be distributed. For this class please read and be ready to discuss Kubler's The Shape of Time.

Visiting artists will include:

Anna Betbeze
Francesco Clemente
Coco Fusco
Ann McCoy
Ira Sachs
Jacolby Satterwhite
Michael Taussig
Ann Waldman
Lisa Yuskavage
Please find the syllabus here (
Course readings:
Week 2 - Clemente's excerpt from THE YOGI SUTRAS OF PATANJALI by Edwin F. Bryant

First Class: Sunday September 14th, 3pm


Jarrett Earnest

Jarrett Earnest
Faculty Liason