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Object Lessons

Sundays 3 - 5 pm<br>Jan. 26 - May 11

Course Description

Runs Jan. 26 - May 11

First class info + reading

Sunday afternoon interviews with visiting guests, focusing on an artwork important to them. We will discuss painting, sculpture, performance, literature, poetry, and music as interconnected ways of thinking and being in the world. For instance, nightlife darling Juliana Huxtable will talk about the 19th-century hermaphrodite's memoir Herculine Barbin, while iconic abstract painter Dorothea Rockburne will discuss composer Carlo Gesualdo and his radical madrigals. As such, students should be interested in larger interdisciplinary issues of art, and come to class prepared for discussion.

Materials will be available online in advance, a book or screening each week.

 Visiting artists will include:

 Bill Berkson

 Nancy Goldring

 Thyrza Goodeve

 Roni Horn

 Juliana Huxtable

 Leigha Mason

 Sam McKinniss

 John Newman

 Dorothea Rockburne

 Justin Sayre

 Martha Schwendener

 Aliza Shvarts

 Geo Wyeth


Revised Object Lessons (3)

Our first meeting will be this Sunday, January 26th from 3pm until 5pm.

Classes will continue every Sunday afternoon through April.

Object Lessons is a hybrid reading group/seminar/lecture series. You will be asked to read in advance, sometimes an entire book, and expected to delight, challenge and contribute to the group dynamic with your presence.

Every week will have a different visitor to discuss a text or subject of their choosing.

This Sunday there is no guest—only our tribe—a chance to get to know each other and discuss the conceptual foundations for moving ahead. There is, of course, reading—the first chapter of Johan Huizinga’s study of Play HOMO LUDENS. Please read it and bring notes/observations.

The syllabus will be distributed on Sunday in class and will be available online.

Listen to the first class 01.26.14

Download Johan Huizinga’s study of Play HOMO LUDENS

OL week 1 by Joe Kay

Week 2:

Juliana Huxtable

Herculine Barbin, introduced by Michel Foucault

Herculine Barbin

Week 3: 

Dorothea Rockburne

Gesualdo: The Man and His Music by Glenn Watkins


Week 4 — (February 16th) — Sam McKinniss —
Read McKinniss essay on Murder She Wrote and Oscar Wilde excerpt.

Art After Angela.docx

Week 5 — (February 23rd) — Thyrza Nichols Goodeve —
Read Plato's Phaedo. Watch Alain Resnais' Hiroshima Mon Amor (1959) (there will be a screening at noon on the 23rd before class.)


Week 6 —(March 2nd) — Leigha Mason —
Read the Rabelais' Pantagruel (1535). Watch Mason's films Spit Banquet (2013) and Marnie Year Zero (2013). (These will be available via a password link to be sent to the class.)

Week 7 — (March 9th) — Nancy Goldring —
Read Goldring's essays "Bellini and Gandahara" and "The Long View".

Goldring Ol7

Week 8 — (March 16th) — Martha Schwendener — Read Flusser's Vampyrotheuthis Infernalis.

OL Flusser

Week 9 — (March 23rd) — Aliza Shvarts —
Listen to Sunn's "Black Wedding (Lament for a Nordic Vision Buried by Time and Dust)" from the album The Grimmrobe Demos (2005). 19 minutes. (mp3 will be posted on class site.)

01 Black Wedding (Lament For A Nordic Vision Buried By Time And Dust)

Week 10 — (March 30th) — Geo Wyeth — 


Week 11 — (April 6th) — Justin Sayre —
Read Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire (1947) and excerpts of Sayre's plays The Click of the Lock and The Boy Sonata.

Week 12 — (April 13th) — Bill Berkson —
Read What's Your Idea of a Good Time? Interviews and Letters 1977-1985 by Bill Berkson and Bernadette Mayer.

Berkson OL

Week 13 — (April 20th) — John Newman — TBA

Week 14 — (April 27th) — Roni Horn — TBA 


Jarrett Earnest

Jarrett Earnest
Faculty Liason