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Look Right: Reactionary Aesthetics from Maistre to ISIS

31 October - 19 December | Saturdays, 3-5pm

Course Description


If the irony of The Left is its tendency toward factionalism and infighting, it’s ironic that The Right ever forms a coalition at all. When it does, it may seek to defend any combination of what-already-is, what-used-to-be, and what-never-was-but-it’s-fun-to-pretend. It’s only in the face of particularly threatening or intractable left-wing movements that it becomes necessary or even possible for The Right to generate novel ideas about aesthetics and culture, and as result these ideas are often wildly heterodox and idiosyncratic.

Look Right will be a half-semester seminar, attempting to explore, with the dignity appropriate to all serious works of imagination, the most challenging, strange, entertaining and/or influential expressions right-wing sensibility, in film, literature, and the plastic arts.

The tone of these seminars should be respectful, amoral, and only sparingly self-congratulatory.


James Brittingham

James Brittingham is an artist currently living in New York. He has a BFA from Cooper Union 2007 and an MFA from Mason Gross at Rutgers University 2012 where he is currently employed as a lecturer.