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Humor and the Abject

Sundays, 6pm

Course Description

This seminar-based course will expose participants to various critical and theoretical frameworks on humor and its relationship to the abject. Abjection has been described and interpreted in many ways by a diverse group of thinkers and artists, though a consistent and integral aspect is that it represents that which exists between the subject and the object. In comedy, we witness regular engagement with the volatile, the vulgar, and the violent, as its practitioners employ their craft to explore the things that we think but dare not say. Throughout the semester, we will read various perspectives on humor and abjection, engage with regular visitors whose work explores these topics, and view examples of the wildly varied field of contemporary comedy. 
It will also be funny. 
First Class: Sunday September 14th, 7pm


Sean J Patrick Carney

Sean J Patrick Carney
Grants & Outreach