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Heart In Mouth: Performance & Sound

27 October - 15 December | Tuesdays, 7-9pm

Course Description


During school assemblies as a child, I secretly always feared I would uncontrollably jump onto the stage, interrupt the speaker, and cause a scene. Later, as the lead singer of an Asian-Hindi pop band, I was attacked on stage with paint during a show which led me to abandon the stage and become a painter. It is then no coincident that when I returned to public performance it took the form of musical disruptions in public spaces. Heart In Mouth is an experimental performance workshop for artists who dare, are scared to death, or are somewhere in-between, from all backgrounds and mediums. We will pay special attention to the powers of fear, solitude, and defiant joy in telling stories, creating scenes, and mounting surprise attacks.


Lara Allen

Lara Allen is an inner-disciplinary artist and educator living in New York City.  As a singer, she has recorded with Caroliner, Secret Chiefs 3 and Heavenly Ten Stems. After a temporary hiatus from the stage, she reluctantly pursued a formal arts education attending the San Francisco Art Institute, the New York Studio Program, and Yale—where she received an MFA in painting. Allen currently performs as “Ragtime Germs”, is part of the “I, Daughter of Kong” collective, and is working on a one-woman show, “Too Many Tammys”—about the folly of being institutionalized as a teenager growing up in Cincinnati.