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Generative Design_Model Assembly

Mondays, 7 - 10pm

Course Description

This class is a design course that will approach design in terms of a mathematical relationship between things rather than the pursuit of a single form. Students will investigate and extract logic from ‘natural phenomena’ as it occurs in a variety of disciplines; biology, material science, mathematics, computation, etc. 

These principles will then be translated to an architectural design strategy of a part to whole generative system to develop novel assemblies by repurposing everyday materials as a construction component. The goal will be to create beautiful physical examples of morphological structures embedded with complex information.


Sanam Salek


Sanam Salek has earned a bachelors degree in both Mathematics and Art Studio from UC, Santa Barbara. Recently, she graduated the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Architecture and is now practicing in New York City. Currently, she is working as a project manager on a cultural urbanization development in St. Petersburg, Russia called New Holland Island. She has also recently started a firm with her two sisters, also architects, called Mass Studio that specializes in residential and small-scale commercial projects.

Ideal Day

Waking up without a hangover and a smile on your face thinking that last night was a good night. The doorbell rings and the delivery-man hands you your breakfast burrito. You get back in bed and watch episodes of 90210 (Brenda years) while you happily destroy the burrito. You get up a couple hours later and jump in your 1971 Ford Bronco, pick up your girls and head to the beach in Malibu. Three shades darker, you pack up and meet a bunch of people at a bar in Venice for drinks and laughter. An hour or so into it, your phone rings and you get the news that you scored a gig to design a new boutique hotel in Greece and that you will have to live out there half the year. You join your friends back at the bar and buy them a round of drinks. Then, a Mickey Rourke look-a-like (circa 9 ½ Weeks) approaches you and asks you to marry him. The End.