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Family Dinner

Thursdays, 7 – 9 pm

Course Description

Family Dinner is a weekly think-tank that brings together ~ 20 young, independent and multidisciplinary New York City based artists and curators in a comfortable setting at BHQFU. We will meet over a communally cooked dinner to discuss the possibilities of independently organized “shows” in a variety of formats; physical, online, published etc. We will then follow through with 3-5 finished exhibitions spanning these formats over the course of the semester. We will also create 3 monthly zines focusing on documenting the output of the class, coordinated by Luck You Collective. In building the student base, I will focus on harnessing different groups to attend that already congregate as loose collectives in promoting their intrinsically DIY shows, and have them work though furthering that practice by becoming accountable for themselves and their collaborative efforts during the class. After the student base is solidified in the first weeks of September we will set the objectives listed above for these groups to work though. The dinner component will be lead by Luck You Collective, and the overall weekly schedule/syllabus will be moderated by myself. 


Louis Shannon

Louis Shannon (21 years old) was born in NYC and has been involved in it’s underground Art and Music Scene since he started riding the subway on his own. Currently he works with Luck You Collective curating Art Shows and producing Zines and Clothing with emerging Artists. He is also the “Superintendent” facilitator of the BHQFU and will be organizing Spring 2013’s bi-weekly DIY series.