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Experimental Art History: Value

1 November - 13 December | Sundays, 3-5pm

Course Description


    In Art History with Value we will travel within the constellation of meanings and associations that rise up from the term 'value' as it has been applied within art's histories. From the record high auction prices paid for works of art today to the moral philosophies underpinning art's historically elevated status, our collaborative journey will be a search for poetic and aesthetic responses to the questions: 1) What are the values implicit in the status of contemporary fine art?, and 2) How do financial, socio-political, and art histories underly and express these values?
     Participation in the class will consist of personal research, class discussion, and the production of metaphor. The class will culminate in the production of a new history (or several) of its own devising that metabolizes its inquiries, discoveries, and ongoing curiosities.


Seth Cameron and James English Leary

James Leary and Seth Cameron have collaborated in many ways over the years producing videos, texts, and performances that are, more or less, poetic deconstructions of histories of arts and arts education. In 2009 they were both part of founding BHQFU where they led a course called "Art History with Benefits" about varied conceptions of art patronage. James Leary is a drawing instructor at Cooper Union, as well as a painter and movie producer. Seth Cameron is President of BHQFU, as well as a writer and painter.