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Drawing Circus

May 11 & 12 from 1-4pm

Course Description

Each session is three hours outside your comfort zone. 

As the founding director of the Drawing Circus, about all I ask of my students is to “show-up,” not just physically, but like a SPICY CHINESE SAUCE. The DC has zest and substance and is therefore vastly more Interesting than a run-of-the-mill figure drawing class. Although it uses a performer it is NOT a figure drawing class. Here is why: It ENERGIZES and STIMULATES the mind which is the aspect of consciousness and intellect experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination.

It possesses characteristics that I don’t think can be evaluated with the words, “I like,” or “I don’t like.” It brings contrast and flavor to the act of drawing. It makes you stand up and PAY ATTENTION. This is why it seems to cater to experienced participants although talented high school students have done very well. It deals with the participants IMAGINATION. It is NOT under the control of outsiders. Each student is in charge of his/her own work. I believe the Drawing Circus is a worthy and positive part of our society as a creative free flow of ideas. It is about BEING CREATIVE, staying with it and having an EXPERIENCE.

A Drawing Circus ® is a rendezvous with the unexpected • a creative encounter and a jump from the ordinary • an attitude • it is a continuous drawing work-out in an experimental studio setting that may favor chance operations • it is something to experience and interpret • it is an immersive experience • there is nothing to understand, it is work where you can just go and get lost • there are performing artists from theater and dance, costumed and nude • music and energy will fill the air • lighting will vary from bright and colored to dark • we celebrate messiness and contraryness • the evening will make you feel that you are completing, with your imagination and drawings the performance that is happening in the room • one sessio is three hours outside your comfort zone in a supportive and creative studio • depending on your involvement, this can be a perception- twisting, walk-in environment • the goal is to create a sense of adventure; there is always a lot to see, and drawing it helps you see it.


Edward Stanton

Edward Stanton likes the idea of calling himself an “experience designer” as opposed to an art teacher. As such he works from an experiential approach like an “éminence grise” or an advisor who operates from "behind the scenes" in a non-public capacity.

John Dewey said it best. "Education is a total work of art." And as Joseph Beuys said, “for me, to be a teacher is my greatest work of art.” With these two as his teachers he has been an artist, educator and pioneer in the development of Interdisciplinary Foundation Art Programs since 1968 Stanton has taught people how to “see,” by means of photography, drawing, design, performance classes and visual culture seminars at the college level since 1968. He makes the itinerary of an art class into a fulcrum of ideas with bountiful experimentation and provocation. In so doing he is a maker of theater.

In 45 years of professional art practice Stanton has produced a diverse body of drawings, photography, video and socially oriented performance work. The work has been shown in 45 solo and group exhibits, as well as 4 solo museum exhibits. He has also directed or consulted with 21 theater, dance and performance groups and curated 27 exhibitions.

He has been on the faculity of SUNY Alfred College of Ceramics, Kansas City Art Institute, UCLA, U of Oregon, SFSU, SFAI, CCA and Stanford U teaching photography, design, drawing, foundation and performance.