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Sundays, 4 – 6 pm

Course Description

A series of Bi-weekly classes at BHQFU. They will encompass the various definitions of DIY from Silkscreening in your bathroom, Circuit-bending children's toys, to doing your taxes and more. These workshops emphasize the unlimited possibilities of being hands on, productive and creative in your own space. They are one-off and open for anybody to drop in and participate!

Overview for 8 Workshops

Febuary 3

Zine Making  with Luck You Collective 

February 17    

How to do Taxes  with Haley Mellin

March 3

Silkscreening in your Bathroom 

March 17

Scavenging Chinatown: Circuit bending Toys to make Musical Instruments

March 31

Sewing at home with Alice Tal

April 14

Vacuum Forming in your Kitchen with Jack Shannon

April 28

Plein Air Painting in the streets of NYC with Kathryn Kerr

May 12

DIY Pizza and Dumplings



Louis Shannon

Louis Shannon (21 years old) was born in NYC and has been involved in it’s underground Art and Music Scene since he started riding the subway on his own. Currently he works with Luck You Collective curating Art Shows and producing Zines and Clothing with emerging Artists. He is also the “Superintendent” facilitator of the BHQFU and will be organizing Spring 2013’s bi-weekly DIY series.