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Comedy Sketch Book

Sundays, 6:00pm

Course Description

Comedy Sketch Book is a course that will critically examine sketch comedy through the lenses of theoretical frameworks on humor and the history of contemporary performance art. A follow-up to fall 2014’s Humor and the Abject course, we’ll build upon concepts explored previously, though having taken Humor and the Abject previously is not a prerequisite. A combination of viewing and discourse will expose participants to a broad range of approaches to sketch comedy and the vocabularies and methods to dissect and contextualize them. The course will run the first half of spring semester, and participants should be prepared to allocate time outside of in-class meetings to view and read various assigned materials. We’ll compare and contrast mainstream and experimental/fringe approaches in the interest of understanding complex relationships between form and content across multiple media platforms and contexts.


Sean J Patrick Carney

Sean J Patrick Carney
Grants & Outreach