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Thursdays, 7:30 - 10

Course Description

This course will investigate the real lives of individual contemporary artists living and working in NYC, and see how their tribal tendencies, neighborhoods, interests, and habits inform their lives and their work.

Focus will be on artists as they live through challenges ranging from finding the money to live, sustaining a studio practice, dealing with a shady dealer, managing a studio, to finding a mate. Students can present their own challenges for weekly group discussions, and each week we will visit or invite an artist, based on one student’s research, to perform an activity with. Students will be free to negotiate and propose a multitude of formats, from interviews, outings, physical challenges, poetry slams, baking activities, and karaoke, just to give some examples. However, the format chosen MUST represent a facet of the guest artist’s real life, and you are encouraged to take suggestions FROM THEM.

The student who has chosen the “artist” of the week is responsible for recording this activity, and it will be used in a final presentation for the class, which will be published online. The goal of this class is for participants to demystify the lives of the professional artists who they potentially admire, as well as better understand their relationship to the slippery identity of “artist”. And yes, this class will culminate in a “date an artist” party planned and promoted by the class, which will be open to all Brucers as well as the public.

Readings will include biographies, interviews, and articles focusing on the lives of artists, ranging from the Renaissance to today. This class will meet once a week for 14 weeks during the Spring semester, Thursday 7:30 - 10, with occasional weekend substitutions depending on “artist activities.” This course is participant driven, so all students must attend every class, and documentation of the events must be done within a week of the event and uploaded on our course blog.


Chris Bogia

Chris Bogia is an artist, educator, and co-founder/director of Fire Island Artist Residency, the first LGBTQ artist residency program in the United States. Bogia received his MFA in sculpture from Yale University. He lives and works in New York, where he teaches at New York University and Bruce High Quality University. Exhibitions include Be-OUT, Andrew Edlin Gallery, NYC, Queer Self Portraits Now, Fred, London, Unpunished, Sue Scott Gallery, NYC, Back Room, Untitled, NYC, and TROLL, Envoy Gallery, NYC. Awards include the Alice Kimball Traveling Fellowship from Yale, and the Larry Kramer Initiative research grant for Lesbian and Gay studies from Yale.