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Ana Cecilia Alvarez & Victoria Campbell

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Sex­-Ed is centered on the means by which we give and receive pleasure and the ways in which we understand intimacy. This pilot program aims to produce a communication-​based, pleasure-​oriented, and politically engaged course at BHQFU. 
Monthly workshops will explore concepts relating to sexuality and intimacy. In order to activate a productive and radical sexual discourse, part of each session will be spent workshopping communication structures and developing specific protocols for self-expression and desire.
Workshops will be fun, rigorous, safe, and sexy. Each theme will be an attempt to make sense of—in critical terms—sexual relations on a social or cultural scale. While there will be “theory” involved—and some theories more than others—our approaches will be propelled by the ways in which we can translate concepts into questions, and from questions into practices. How can we orient our sex lives around pleasure and intimacy, rather than capitalist structured patterns of gains and losses? How can we undo not just the structures of domination aimed at our own bodies, but also t​hose aimed at repressing the possibilities between bodies? How can we be more deliberate with one another? And more responsible for one another? 
Visiting guests will include artists, public intellectuals, mothers, and whores.
Ideally, through this program, we hope to have a better idea of how students relate to their sexuality in a group setting as well as how to make communication visible in a classroom. By the end of the sessions, we hope to advance a course—and a practice—that gives everyone an opportunity to imagine the kinds of relationships that live up to their desires across all relationships, and across all desires.
Workshops will take place on the last Thursday of the month. 
2/ 26 : RESPONSE & RESPONSIBILITY : Spectrums of Consent : On Power & Play 
3/ 26 : RELATIONSHIP MODELS: What Does 'Openness' Mean? 
4/ 30 : SEX WORK//WORK & SEX//WORK//SEX: Prostitutes, Professionals, & the Body at Work
5/TBD : ORGASMS : Sustaining Release


Last Thursdays of the month, 7pm / January 2015


Ball Gowns vs. Mini Skirts: Painting Critique

Nicole Wittenberg

In this class we will talk about what paintings actually look like, because as Oscar Wilde said: "It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible." Our focus will be on playfully inventing a shared language to discuss each other's paintings—defining together terms like "image energy", "decorative manners", "constriction vs. composition", "visual cuisine", "recessive vs. aggressive styling", and "mini skirts vs. ball gowns".
Each week 5-10 participants will bring 3-5 paintings for critique, joined by a guest artist. Classes being at 7pm with a brief interview with our guests focusing on process and what we really do in the studio. Participants will be able to request which guest artist they would like to critique with. Guests critics will be announced in mid-January, our first session will be on January 26th. 

Mondays, 7pm / January 2015


The Poetic Act

Ana Božičević & Sophia Le Fraga

The root of poetry implies action: the Greek term poiesis derives from an ancient word for to make. Our class, channeling this active principle, will focus on the poetic act: the act of writing and performing a poem, acting as or while a poet, effecting personal and collective action in poetry. We will make poetry and read it extensively in addition to texts in poetics, theater, philosophy, art theory, aesthetics, religion, psychoanalysis… Class assignments will include completing and performing a poetic play, experiments in humor and Tarot, and an overnight class.
Required book: Psychomagic – Alejandro Jodorowsky

Tuesdays, 7pm / January 2015


Show and Tell: Sculpture

Elizabeth Jaeger

Show and Tell: Sculpture will focus on the aesthetic and conceptual frameworks surrounding “sculpture” focusing on group dialogue and discussion of particular works and projects. Every other week a visiting critic will join the class to give a presentation about an aspect of their work, and to discuss the work of 3-4 students. The following week the class will meet for a round table discussion about a specific topic and/or reading, and workshop the projects of 3-4 students. Students will be asked to attend every class and each student will have a chance to discuss their work with a visiting critic and/or more intimately with fellow classmates. Visiting critics will be announced the first day of class.

Wednesdays, 7pm / January 2015


Study Hall

Andrea Arrubla

Every Friday during spring semester, BHQFU will be open from 12:00pm to 5:00pm for Study Hall. Need a climate-controlled environment to work on a drawing? Want to make lunch and catch up on some reading? Hit a wall with a project and need to bounce ideas off of somebody? Looking for free wifi? We'll be here! Various staff, faculty and surprise guests will be present throughout the semester at BHQFU. Come through!

Fridays 12 to 5pm / January 2015


Collage and the Grammar of Images II

James Brittingham

"Collage and the Grammar of Images II" is a studio that class which will veer wildly between a focused exploration of 'collage' as a specific artistic discipline with a specific history, and a broad application of 'collage' as a metaphor for the constant processes of theft, revision, dis-assembly and recombination through which culture takes its various shapes.

Topics will include: etymology, historical revisionism, film language, monsters, and all kinds of magic (there's a heavy emphasis on magic). 

Classes will begin with a brief lecture and end with critique-style group discussions. But during most of class time participants will attempt their own acts of speech in the Grammar of Images - by making collages. 

Eventually we'll make a book.

Saturdays, 3pm / January 2015


Color Feelings

Jarrett Earnest & Nathlie Provosty

Color knits us into the physical world, shimmering on the edge of language. Color appears through relationships, and while it has “principles,” there are no hard and fast rules—therefor, every color must be approached within the specifics of its situation. Our weekly meetings will strive to widen our vocabulary for color experiences, our conversations like whetstones sharpening the blades of perception. This class will consist of “color encounters,” “color texts," and "color talks," as well as assignments/exercises to share and discuss with the group (both written and visual). “Color Feelings” is about the materiality and metaphysics of color, it’s mechanics and associations—as much about “language” as it is about “things.” Poets, critics and scholars are encouraged to join, in addition to painters, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, and any other interested sensual/intellectual persons.   
For the first meeting, January 25th:
Read Dave Hickey’s essay “Pontormo’s Rainbow.”
Come to class with three “color questions.” (What do you want to ask of color? Be as specific as possible: what do you want to know about color, and why?; what interests/delights/ disturbs you about color, and why?, etc.)

Sundays, 3-5pm / January 2015


BHQFU Night Live

Sean J Patrick Carney

BHQFU Night Live is a collaborative production. Course participants will assume various roles in the development and execution of a one-hour sketch comedy episode. This will include writing, acting, video and sound production/editing, and managing press and promotional materials. Through a rigorous schedule of workshops and rehearsals, we will complete the production for a summer 2015 release. The episode will also include contributions from guest artists from fall 2014’s Humor and the Abject course.

Sundays, 6:00pm / March 2015



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